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Tax Season

Hello it is now Tax Season !!! How can we help you, we’re glad you’ve asked!

Virtual Tax Preparation

The days of collecting documents and taking them to the tax preparer’s office are quickly fading away.  

Our virtual tax preparation solutions provide you with expediency by allowing you to securely and confidentially upload your receipts and account statements, without having to make an extra and unnecessary trip to the tax office. 

At Straight Tax, our professional tax preparers are specially trained to assist you with minimizing your tax burden and capitalizing your chances of receiving the most maximized refund possible. That’s where our virtual tax preparation sets us aside from other firms and software.

Rather than clicking through a basic software package, our virtual tax preparation service leverages modern technology we make available to you with live professionals you can seek advice from anytime. Our expert team members are readily available to assist you with even the most difficult tax issues.

Our tax preparation services include:

Advantages of Our Virtual Tax Preparation Services

Virtual tax preparation allows you to choose anytime that is convenient for you to begin your tax preparation. Online preparation allows you full control over the time  your taxes are prepared. 

By choosing to engage our virtual tax preparation services, we provide you with our promise and guarantee that our Tax Professionals will utilize due diligence when preparing your tax return to ensure its accurateness and maximize your chances of receiving the maximum refund due to you.

One of the major advantages that virtual tax preparation offers is the capability to file your taxes online. E-filing conveys your completed tax return to the IRS immediately, enabling the IRS to assess it and send any refund you may be permitted to more swiftly. 

The digital process eliminates the requirement for manual paper mail processing time to send your   return to the IRS and reduces the time it takes for you to receive your refund. 

Our virtual tax preparation services eliminates the requirement to maintain manual paper records of your tax returns. As a result, you’ll be able to store, recover, and convey your tax history at whatever time and wherever you are, conveniently.

Steps to File your Taxes

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