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Virtual Tax Office

We have a 100% Virtual Tax Office readily available for all your tax needs.

Virtual Tax Return Preparation

File your tax return expediently and confidently from anywhere and at anytime that is convenient for you. Virtual tax preparation enables our clients to experience the tax filing process hassle-free and seamless. Rather than wasting time in an office, you will have the opportunity to maintain  your normal schedule and routine as well as more time to enjoy doing what makes you happy!

We guarantee that each client will receive the utmost professional, caring, and superior customer service and support.

Virtual Tax Filing Steps:

We will securely and confidentially collect personal details from you that are needed to begin preparing your tax return.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your appointment. In addition to the confirmation email; you will also be provided with a Tax Preparation Checklist for your review prior to your scheduled appointment; to ensure that you have the required documents and information that our tax professionals will need to file an accurate and timely return for you. Before, during, or after your virtual appointment/phone conference you will have the opportunity to upload your tax documents via our secure portal or using our secure fax.

After reviewing your tax documents, we will then provide you with a free tax preparation fee estimate. Most all tax returns will be completed during your scheduled appointment time.

All clients will be granted access to our secure portal, where you will have the ability to review our Welcome Letter, review uploaded documents, communicate securely with your Tax Preparer if needed, sign required forms, and pay your invoice. Once the required forms are signed and payment has been received, we will submit your return electronically for processing.

and/or uploaded to your client portal user account for you to access anytime, anywhere!

How we use technology to your advantage

Although we are located in the in California, we provide services to clients nationwide using the most innovative and effective technological solutions such as:

Online Appointment Bookin
Online Video Meetings
Electronic Signatures
Secure Cloud Document Storage
Mobile App, and more

More importantly, all of our online tools can be used directly through your mobile device! So you don’t need a computer.

With clients in over 10 different states we have the proven ability to work 100% virtual for your convenience. We are well known for our virtual tax preparation services which we offer to all of our clients as an option.

You can choose to come into our office for an in-person appointment or to have your taxes done 100% remotely from the comfort of your home.

Need further info? Get in touch with our team.