Business Resources

1) Start taking steps towards starting your business. Use the SBA tool for guidance on requirements to register with federal and state agencies.
Click here: Register Your Business

2) Build a website. Having a website as a marketing tool can be key to getting new customers, creating convenience through online services, or managing customer relationships with around-the-clock availability. In today’s digital world, you can use available resources to build your own website or hire a professional. Here are some resources with tips for your website:

3) Get some research done. Business analytics can answer questions about trends, make predictions, and optimize outcomes whether you are a new business or an existing business. Use business analytics to gain insight and understanding of business performance. 

Please view a quick video for a brief definition: Business Analytics Defined

4) Other than customer relationship management and analytics, you will find that employee retention is the most important factor to running a successful business. Get advice on payroll tax filing or other related HR questions for your employees and even independent contractors.

A Changing World: The Shifting Gig Economy In 2019