About Us

Business + Financial Services for Individuals & Small Businesses via ONLINE

At Straight Tax, we recognize every business is unique and requires its own personalized strategic financial solutions for better financial control and tax preparations.

With this in mind, we strive to offer a holistic range of virtual business and financial services constructed to match our client’s specific financial needs and goals. We feel pride in serving small businesses and new entrepreneurs with Virtual Tax & Accounting Assistance, Tax Debt Support, and Business Advisory Services. Over the years in the industry, we have earned an impeccable reputation in the industry and become a trustworthy partner for every scale business for successful business growth.

It’s the perfect business for you and nothing but joy for us to witness.

We are excited about the opportunity to add your chapter to our next success story.

How We Started

Straight Tax is a New York based virtual business and financial services provider that finds its roots starting early on in the retail tax industry now pivoting to being able to serve thousands of Americans nationwide.

Since our inception, Straight Tax has adopted excellence as its quality standard to set the industry standard for Virtual accounting & financial services.

While serving as a leader, Straight tax feels and understands its part to the community as well. Straight Tax is a 100% Woman Owned Minority business and its mission is to pour back into the community not only where Straight Tax was founded but nationally being able to provide quality service solutions.

Through the sponsorship of community events that range from giveaways to sporting tournaments, Straight Tax journey started in the Long Island area, and has now expanded to assist communities in several different organizations statewide. As an entrepreneur, our CEO Ms. Carmen Mohan started this journey to help the community by providing free financial literacy workshops and educating the community in various ways since 2013. Our main goal and mission is to now help other aspiring entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life and what that looks like managing your finances along the way. Generation wealth is our main objective.

Our Vision

Our services reflect our values & vision we hold as a company. We avoid cookie-cutter approaches to solve your financial issues and bring distinct solutions leveraging modern technologies and software to deliver time compliant solutions. Deliver needed services and true value to our clients, Integrate our company and employee’s goals, Produce a fair return for our clients, and contribute to our community. We feel proud to be one of the leading Financial Literacy Advocates in the country and will continue guiding our clients down the path of educating them on finances and building wealth.

Our Mission

We find our mission in crafting revolutionary Virtual Tax & Accounting Services to help support our clients to understand where they have been, where they are now, and where they want to be.

We can help your business furnish; handle its tax and compliance obligations; instil sound financial habits & disciplines; improve your competitiveness; minimize the risk of business failure and enhance overall business wellbeing & productivity. We deliver complete personalized, educational, and professional assistance to our clients assisting them with all things finance.

We will continue to increase our knowledge in Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, and Financial Management to provide the highest standards of work ethics, integrity, professionalism, reliability, and outstanding services to our clients.